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Zecharia Sitchin and the Tenth Planet - Nibiru (Planet X)

Zecharia SitchinA lot of you who were visitors to my old site know that the site mainly revolved around Zecharia’s Sitchin’s theory. For those people who don’t know, Sitchin is among very few people today who’s able to read some of the oldest written languages from our earliest civilizations. He has devoted his life to not only the study of ancient languages, but also their art, their culture, their beliefs, and the knowledge that they had. In 1976 he wrote a book called The 12th Planet, the first in a series of books he called The Earth Chronicles. His basic conclusions were that our planet has been visited by a race of beings in the past, which the Ancient Sumerians called Anunnaki (translated: Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came) and that these beings came from a planet the Sumerians called Nibiru (translated: Planet of the Crossing); a planet which, according to Sitchin, has a very long elliptical orbit and comes into our Solar System every 3600 years.

Is Sitchin Wrong?

I know there are a lot of people out there who are very skeptical of Sitchin’s theories and I am also aware of the several videos that are on the web debunking his claims. So is Sitchin right or is he wrong? I have learned a lot since I wrote those articles on my last site and I can tell you that although Zecharia Sitchin does an amazing job researching our ancient history, I do believe that his theories are flawed. However, I do not believe that he is out there making all this stuff up just to sell books, as some people would have you believe. I don’t think that he is intentionally lying to people and I think that whatever he claims on his books, that’s what he believes. Just to be clear, I do not think that Sitchin is necessarily wrong with his theory of a tenth planet (Planet X/Nibiru) coming into our Solar System every 3600 years (contrary to what other people say this is actually possible), all I’m saying is that his overall theory does have some flaws.

Why I Think Sitchin's Theory is Plausible and Why I'm Skeptical

We've all heard of the ancient myths and folklores, these seemingly unworldy stories which originated from our ancient ancestors. Sitchin suggests that these stories, which scholars dismiss as imagined myths, were actually retained memories of actual events that happened a long time ago in our ancient past and I agree with him on this (I will have more on this topic later).

Sitchin claims that the Ancient Sumerians knew of a tenth planet (Planet X) that enters our solar system every 3600 years. People say that this is impossible with any planet but consider this, our sun will eventually burn out, it won't happen anytime soon, in fact they say it'll take millions of years before our sun expands into a Red Giant and millions more years and it becomes a White Dwarf. After that then the sun shuts off, when that happens, the planets revolving around the sun including Earth will go flying off into space because the only thing keeping the planets in orbit around the sun is the gravitional pull of the sun. So the planets go flying off into space and eventually, if they come close to another star or another solar system then they would get sucked in because of the gravitational pull of that solar system. On its way into this new solar system, since it doesn't have a set orbit, this planet could possibly collide with another planet and cause some damage and maybe break it into pieces (like the Asteroid Belt?) and on its way in it might even graze some planets in that solar system causing it to have a retrograde rotation (like Uranus?). It is very likely that this was the case with our own solar system, that some intruder planet who got thrown off from its own solar system got sucked into ours and caused all these anomalies to our solar system. Our moon has thousands of impact craters that were caused by asteroids, comets, and meteors, and the moon is a relatively small celestial body and asteroids and meteors only caused impact craters on it, now imagine the size of the object that caused the Asteroid Belt to break into pieces; it could not have been an asteroid, a comet or a meteor, it must have been something a lot bigger - like a planet. This is basically what Sitchin's theory is.

A common question that arises is that how can the beings on that planet survive this long eliptical orbit that takes several thousand years, wouldn't they die from the lack of sunlight since they spend an extended period of time far away from the sun? According to Sitchin, one of the main reasons that the Anunnaki had colonized Earth was so that they could mine gold which they would use to repair their atmosphere. Apparently what they did was that they put gold particles in their atmosphere to prevent the loss of heat due to their dwindling atmosphere. It is very interesting to see an article like this on website:link to article that talks about the Obama administration's science adviser putting forth some ideas to to cool the Earth's air. This is a quote from the article:

John Holdren said that the idea of geo-engineering the climate is being discussed. Options include cloud-seeding and shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays.

Keep in mind that it was in the 70's that Sitchin wrote in his book about this race of beings that shot gold particles up in their atmosphere as a solution to some of the climate problems they were facing in their home planet, and just now, during the Obama administration are they discussing shooting pollution particles into our own atmosphere to deal with climate change. Are we headed towards the technology of the Ancient Sumerian gods, the Anunnaki? If this is indeed what we end up doing with our atmosphere in the future then this seems to support what Sitchin has been saying in his books, that an advanced civilization did in fact experience a problem with their planet that we as a civilization are just starting to see ourselves today, and that their solution was to tinker with their atmosphere ultimately utilizing gold, which maybe in the future we, too, might do?

binary star
Also, a lot of people don't know this, but the majority of the stars in our galaxy are binary stars and some even have more than two stars which are called multiple star systems.
A binary star system means that there are two stars orbiting around their common center of mass. Hypothetically, if both those stars had a planet which had life in it, then that means that those two planets harboring life only saw each other every several thousand years. This of course depends on the size of the orbits of their suns, which presumably would be at least thousands of years. So the idea of the Anunnaki, coming back to our planet every 3600 years is not that wild of an idea if you consider this. There are actually some people who are suggesting that our Solar System might actually be a part of a binary star system. Andy Lloyd wrote a book called The Dark Star, and in it he puts forward the idea of our Sun possibly having a companion star that is a brown dwarf star. He says that this brown dwarf could be Nibiru, or that maybe Nibiru could be orbiting around this brown dwarf. In his books, Sitchin says that the Babylonians changed Nibiru's name to Marduk in the Ancient Babylonian texts, could it be that the Babylonians never really changed Nibiru's name but instead was referring to the star as Marduk and Nibiru was the planet orbitting this brown dwarf star? Andy Lloyd's theory is very interesting and he has done a great job researching this topic, and if you think about it, his theory is actually more plausible than Sitchin's. He recently did an interview with Project Camelot and you can watch it on youtube. Click here to see the interview. To anyone interested in the whole Planet X topic, you definitely need to check out that Project Camelot interview with Andy Lloyd.

As you can see, it is not at all beyond the realms of possiblity that Sitchin's interpretation of the ancient texts could be right, it is certainly plausible. So why am I skeptical? I have learned a lot since I've read Sitchin's books. I have been researching other people's work other than Sitchin's and the problem I have with Sitchin is that he has this narrative and whatever he discovers in his research he sort of tries to fit it with his narrative about the Anunnaki and planet Nibiru. One of the main pillars of his theory is that he claims that the seven planets found in several ancient cuneiform tablets represents our planet Earth. He claims that is how the Anunnaki viewed our planet as their planet came in from outside our solar system so they saw us as the seventh planet from the outermost planet (Pluto) and therefore, he says that the seven circles symbolized Earth. This is one of the main pillars of his theory and I found out that this is not true. The seven planets is not a symbol for Earth instead it symbolizes another group of seven celestial objects. And this is probably the most important symbol in the ancient world as I have found out, and if you do not understand this and you don't know about this, then you are missing a crucial piece to the whole Ancient puzzle.

Update: Feb. 15, 2011:

CNN:Some scientists think a brown dwarf or gas giant bigger than Jupiter could be at the outer reaches of the solar system.

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